pickleing salt

Submitted by Joe on 12/18/05 at 12:16 AM. ( )

Hi. I was wondering if pickling salt works for pickling skins. If it does, then how much should be put in per gallon of water and are there any other ingredients needed? Thanks.

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just salt, regular stock salt is best

This response submitted by Paul on 12/18/05 at 12:23 AM. ( )

farm store, white stock salt. one lb. per gallon of water + 3 oz. citric acid per gallon of water.


This response submitted by Marc R on 12/18/05 at 1:14 AM. ( cftaxidermy@alltel.net )

I believe your referring to pickling crystals, which can be used for pickling hides, but this is not the salting step. Do some more research before attempting to tan a hide. Remember, don't get caught up in formulas, ie: this many oz of acid and this many pounds of salt to this many gallons of water. Do it right! Get a salimeter to properly measure your salinity in your pickle, I keep mine around 36-40, and use PH test papers to moniter your acidity, don't guess with "this many ounces per gallon", your asking for trouble. Keep your PH below 2.0, I keep mine around 1.0 using safty acid. Marc R


This response submitted by SteveD on 12/18/05 at 5:57 AM. ( aaa_taxidermy@yahoo.com )

I think he is talking about pickling salt, Like you find in the canning section of your local Walmart or food store. Paul is right just use regular uniodized salt. Your local grain and feed store is a great location to get 25# and 50# bags of it.


This response submitted by Marc R on 12/19/05 at 1:54 PM. ( )

I'm mistaken, I thought he was referencing the "pickle" itself, as he questioned the "pickling of skins", in his original post. Perhaps one of us took his meaning out of context. Joe, unless your pickling cucumbers, you need to stay out of Food Lion for your taxidermy supplies. There are many good suppliers out there, and this site is run and supported by one of them. Steve is correct about the use of non iodized salt,which is added to the pickle, as well as used to facilitate leaching fluids from the hides and aid in more rapid drying.


This response submitted by Joe on 12/21/05 at 2:26 AM. ( )

Well I have tanned a few hides already, but my cousin is just doing a beaver skin for the first time on his own. He had a bag of salt which said Pickling Salt and he wanted to know if it could be used for the pickling process. I said that I didnt think so, but I could double check. So now I know. Thanks.


This response submitted by karl on 1/5/06 at 2:04 PM. ( )

what is the defination of pickling? What is it that you are trying to acheive by pickling a hide? I know very little, but am very interested. I know about salting a hide and have herd of oiling it to keep it loose, but have no idea what pickling is? Thanks.

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