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Submitted by Casey on 12/19/05 at 4:22 AM. ( )

I am in the Navy stationed on the island of Oahu. I am going to hunt for axis deer on the island of Molokai. I would love to take the hide and make a throw with it or a wall hanging etc. I am wondering how hard it would be to do it myself? They do not have any taxidermy work in hawaii only fish. I was wondering what is the best way for a rookie? I was also wondering what I need to do as far as field care, to keep it cold and clean is all that I know?
thanks for all of the help Casey USN

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This response submitted by Joey Arender on 12/19/05 at 4:42 AM. ( )

At one time their was a guy that posted here that is in Hawaii, he goes by Hogger I think. You can type his name in the search menu and might get his email address somewhere. If not someone may have it if you ask in the Industry section. I don't know what Island he's on but I have seen him talking about mounting axis deer there before. Good luck


This response submitted by John on 12/19/05 at 6:16 PM. ( )

It depends on which sex you are going to hunt. If you are going to take a buck, the skin can be extremely thick and must be shaved thin to tan thoroughly. The skins are as if they have a second membrane and will surface tan very easily and not all the way through. They will also rot if not shaved very well. The doe are not as bad but still need to be shaved very thin.

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