Another big save for Preservz-It

Submitted by foxy on 12/20/05 at 2:23 PM. ( )

I had a shipment of pelts come in and some of the preliminary soaks went bad, thanks to soaking a rotting wolf with them. I did not know the soaks went bad for 4 days. Constant temp of soaks 70-75 degrees F with cold spots (65 degrees F) over the course of this (3-4 days).

Bacteria were multiplying like mad, and the entire office smells bad enough that I would think the police would show up, looking for a dead body. This isn't "one cape's worth of rot" smell, this is like if you let a whole unskinned deer rot in the middle of your well-heated studio for almost a week.

Trappers failed to remove the tailbones from 2 foxes and a wolf. I noticed this while removing the skins from the soaks for salvage. Cut the tails off and tossed them in to a Preservz-It soak for a couple of hours.

Then, skinned out the tails. All tails are fine with no slip at all. Tossed the skinned tails back in to the Preservz-It for another couple of hours, then proceeded with tanning as usual. They made it. Can't say the same for the pelts, in places.

Naturally after using the Preservz-It on the tails, I didn't want to waste it, so I put it in with the wolves to kill germs. The smell dissipated within 10 minutes (with heavy help from Lysol sprayed in the air too).

What happened with the rotting wolf? One of it's neighbors in the soak is slipping slightly, but, the rotten one is ok.

Thanks Bruce for a superb product that really works at tanning and preserving skins & pelts.

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