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Submitted by lisa on 12/21/05 at 10:04 PM. ( mobleysridgetop@yahoo.com )


If i'm useing formic acid to pickle can i use Liqua-Tan instead of McKenzie tan. I have a red fox to tan. He don't want to mount it. When i tan i use McKenzie tan then freeze it till i'm ready. What can i use just to soft tan with formic acid.
I want to know when i used formic acid to pickle the deer capes can slip on me. I check my ph all the time. Is it me or them.

Thank u

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This response submitted by 9 on 12/21/05 at 10:40 PM. ( )

Lisa, do you understand / comprehend the safety warnings on the formic acid?
If you do not, please use a safer acid. Like citric acid or saftee acid. It will work the same. It's just more user-friendly. However you get the pH below 2 is up to you. It will all work the same.

Liqua Tan is fine

This response submitted by Mark on 12/22/05 at 1:57 PM. ( mark@knoblochs.com )

Liqua Tan will work just fine for the fox, then you can follow it up the next day with Tanning oil #1 or use Liqua Soft to help keep it softened. On your deer capes you will want to stir your skins regular, but it is also a great idea to salt dry your skins. The hair slip is due to the bacteria in them, if they are mounted you can apply STOP SLIP to the affected area to stop it. Once Liqua Tanned then mount and place a fan near them.

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your slippage has nothing to do with formic

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Formic can be handled safely by anyone using a little care. You should use a face shield when handleing formic. It can cause respiratory arrest if splashed directly into the face. It has killed a couple of people over the years.

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