Submitted by JOHN on 12/22/05 at 10:36 PM. ( )

I just ran out of my 3 year supply of formeldyhide, and cannot find anyone that sells it any more. I use it for tanning fish skins and it works great. I tried other tans but none compare with the results I get from formeldyhide. Does anyone know where can I purchase some?
Have a great Christmas

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This response submitted by john on 12/22/05 at 10:52 PM. ( )

go to click on chemicals then type in the box formaldehyde and you will see a list of dif % of formaldehyde with price lists

John, I hate to break this to you, but

This response submitted by George on 12/22/05 at 11:03 PM. ( ) won't find formaldehyde until you learn how to spell it properly. And secondly, unless you know something I don't, it really ISN'T a tanning solution. It's an enbalming or preservative chemical. Aside from that it's not a healthy chemical to have around you and certainly not one that should be in contact with bare skin. There are safer and BETTER alternatives. Denatured alcohol is also a preservative and not great for your body, but certainly better than formaldehyde. Methanol is still another. And truth be know, I'm not so sure that you couldn't just wash the skin in a little soap and mount it. For years, I DP'd them.


This response submitted by zac on 12/23/05 at 12:02 AM. ( )

Dixieland Taxidermy Supply has formaldehyde but it is a high dollar item.They are located in Tennessee. 1-800-465-4577

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