Submitted by MichelleW on 12/28/05 at 10:11 PM. ( )

Can someone please fill me in on Krowtan. Is it a tan or just another preservative? Is it real leather. I have a bottle of it in my shop and was going to try it, but i don't wanna screw up a good cape if I don't have to....

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ill take george's place here.....

This response submitted by terryr on 12/29/05 at 12:34 AM. ( )

i typed krowtann in under search and got 309 hits - do you think your ? might be answered there

Hey terryr

This response submitted by Joey Arender on 12/29/05 at 1:42 AM. ( )

You are a big time fan of Krowtann aren't you. I just don't know enough about it. I did try it but I think I'll pass till I have a chance to study tans more. I will say though if George is right and it is a alum base tan I think I am going to stay away from it based on what little I have read about alum. It must be, cause I have never seen anyone say its not during the 100 plus times George said it is.

BTW I wanted to say the same thing. LOL My wife just wouldn't let me get here long enough to.


This response submitted by Joey Arender on 12/29/05 at 1:56 AM. ( )

I decided to take terryr's advice and check the archives to see what I could learn and you should be sure to read this post just copy and paste this

Bruce Rittel: Krowtann 2000 and Longevity
Submitted by Wayne on 02/02/2004. ( )

michelle ive had good results using it

This response submitted by paul e on 12/29/05 at 7:25 AM. ( )

if your coming from a dry preservative background
the first thing i would do is order some stop rot
that will give you the time you need to flesh the face up front
and split the ears,eyes and mouth
now i know i didnt answer your question but what i think your looking for is approval for using it
some claim its a time bomb because of the alum. in it
there are some pretty upstanding people using it and promoting it
WASCO for 1 has Rick Carters beautiful buck on there cover
Don Stevens has a nice buck in there catalog also
i find it very easy to use and i get good results using it
but i noticed a few things using it
1. you better follow the directions to the tee
2. i found i needed to use the krowoil to get the results i was looking for(i noticed lately there advertising a whitetail formula)
3.i found Van Dykes hide relaxing compound good in relaxing the cape
and works good for a final rinse after the oil to
4.youll have to stretch that thing good to get it back to original size(not just a token stretch but real elbow grease)
or use Georges intertube trick
youll notice a big difference in sewing
if your used to dry preservative and punching holes
you wont have to with the krowtann
now youll have to make up your own mind if you think you want to use it
i sure hope all the people using it and promoting it dont get bit down the road
ill be one upset puppy along with a lot of others
paul e

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