Chemicals Evaporated

Submitted by Bret on 12/29/05 at 11:42 AM. ( )

Last August I finished with a mount and and then left the basement as it was when I finished. I was burnt out and needed a break. So I went down this last week and discovered I had left my tanning chemicals and pickle solution there uncovered and it had all evaporated. What, if anything, do you guys think would happen health wise from breathing this in over the course of the last few months? My wife is worried and now I am to. Thanks

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your kids can put you up on the wall!

This response submitted by John W. on 12/29/05 at 12:12 PM. ( )

Just kidding,you had it in the basement,so I would guess you really didn't inhale too much of it.I put my airbrush parts in laquer thinner to clean them and I never get to cleaning them for several days and the solution evaporates,so far my family is ok,but my wife does comment how much I forget things-I wonder-oh well,I'm still kickin so I guess everythings ok.


This response submitted by cyclone on 12/29/05 at 12:59 PM. ( )

What chemicals? what pickle? Give the house a good venting out.

Let it be an important lesson for the future.

"Contain it or keep it out of the house!"


This response submitted by TJ Longstreet on 12/29/05 at 1:03 PM. ( )


You should have an MSDS (material safety data sheet) for all the chemicals that you are using. You should read and understand as much of these sheets as possible, especially if you have children.

Anyway, sometimes you don't receive these with the product.

99.8% of what has evaporated from your pickle and tanning bath (I'm assuming it's a tanning bath) is probably just water.

Not knowing what type of acid you used or tannin that's all the advice I can give

Hope this helps

EZ-100 and just regular Pickling

This response submitted by Bret on 12/29/05 at 1:51 PM. ( )

is what I used. Thanks

EZ-100 & Saftee Acid?

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 12/29/05 at 7:58 PM. ( )

If you used these 2 - then what evaporated was water. You should have a lot of residue left in your containers. The good news is - neither of these chemicals should cause you or your family any problems. They are both user friendly. Neither of them give off any chemical fumes. However - if you used Formic Acid - then you had chemical fumes!

It seems unusual for Saftee Acid or an EZ-100 Tanning solution to evaporate to that degree so fast. Did you also have a Dehumidifier working full blast nearby? I have a Saftee Acid pickle that has Test pieces in it - and it's lasted at least a year with no appreciable evaporation - and I have a Dehumidifier working.

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