Washing machine

Submitted by pk on 12/30/05 at 6:45 PM. ( )

I am in the process of prepping a timber wolf for a rug.IT has been fleshed salted and last night went into the pickle.Now my question is after I take the wolf out of the pickle to re flesh could I throw it in a washing machine(cold water) with some kemal-4 to try to get the dog stink out of it before I liqua-tan it.

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add to the pickle

This response submitted by Mr.T on 12/30/05 at 7:09 PM. ( )

why not read the directions on the Kemal-4? If you add the kemal 4 in the washing machine it will only have about 5 minutes to work. I pickle for day, then add the kemal-4 for the second or third day and let it work a day or two. Then proceed.

use dawn dish soap

This response submitted by Matthew on 12/30/05 at 7:45 PM. ( fishandfurs@hotmail.com )

Use dawn dish soap the antibacterial concentrate will take the smell out and kill the bacteria use that. Rub this stuff on the skin on the fur side when its wet and then soak it in in water , but make sure you completely rub soap all over the skin and then put in in a drum with clear clean water soak it for about 2 hours then take it out rinse it out.

I like to wash just before I mount them...

This response submitted by tomdes on 12/30/05 at 9:58 PM. ( mapletax@twcny.rr.com )

I put them in the WM on the delicate cycle (cold) with about a 1/4 cup of dawn and a cap of fabric softner. They come out nice and soft and smell good too and you don't have to handle them.


This response submitted by Lisa on 12/31/05 at 3:30 PM. ( )

Will this process work for a wet tanned hide from a tannery?

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