help needed on whitail cape

Submitted by mike monday on 1/1/06 at 2:48 PM. ( )

I have got 2 canadian capes in this year.They were already skinned.The measurement behind the ears was 20 inches on both.How can I get eye to nose measurement.Thanks,Mike

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Measure them or trial fit over a form!

This response submitted by ks on 1/1/06 at 6:00 PM. ( )

Am I missing something here? If a person needs to ask basic questions like this maybe you need to research the archives, read a book or look at a video. Think a little for yourself cause if you continue taxidermy this will be one of the easiest dilemma's you will encounter!

do it like you would if it were on the carcus

This response submitted by John W. on 1/1/06 at 10:32 PM. ( )

Mike,just measure from the corner of the eye and run the tape to the middle of the nose pad.If you order your mannikin a tad smaller on the eye to nose you won't have any worries about whether or not your measurements were exact.

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