Price difference in fleshing knives

Submitted by Andy on 1/11/06 at 12:20 PM. ( )

Is there really that much of a difference between the two handeled fleshing knives sold in the trapper catalogs for ten dollars, and the ones sold in taxidermy catalogs for a hundred dollars. It seems to me that keeping the blade sharp and the person using it would make the difference. Thanks for your input.

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Hey Andy

This response submitted by Marc A on 1/11/06 at 2:14 PM. ( )

I have never used either, but from my expirience cheap is usually cheap ! If I were getting one I would go with the more expensive one.

McKenzies are fine.

This response submitted by John W. on 1/11/06 at 3:29 PM. ( )

Andy,Ihave one I bought from McKenzie for sixteen dollars,it always worked just fine for me.Van Dykes also sells a bone cutting electric saw for around 400-500 dollars.I don't have one,I just have a 50 dollar sawsall,which works just fine for cutting off antlers and quartering up deer.If you go this route buy a 10 inch woodcutting blade,works great.

Kind of what I thought...

This response submitted by Andy on 1/11/06 at 4:16 PM. ( )

I can't see what makes them so much better (or so much more expensive). I think I will try the 16 dollar instead of shelling out over 100 dollars for one from Van Dykes.

Draw Knife

This response submitted by John on 1/11/06 at 4:55 PM. ( )

I bought a draw knife, It takes a razor sharp edge and it costs less. You can get them on Ebay.

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