tanning a boar

Submitted by Bill on 1/16/06 at 9:03 PM. ( talltalestax@hotmail.com )

Getting ready to go get a wild boar and decided that this type of mount is getting big enough that I want to try and mount one before I offer this service. My question is can you use a creame tan on hogs. I use JRTC on most of my deer capes and like the results. I then use McKenzie tan On small critters where grease is a problem following the directions in the catalog. I'am assuming that a wild boar is like a domestic pig and a greasey mess. So I'am leaning towards using the McKenzie tan on this boar. Will this be o.k. or will I run into problems. I have seen a few posts where George warns about cream tanning certian animals. Thanks for your help.

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This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 1/17/06 at 5:31 AM. ( basswtrout@msn.com )

One thing is make sure you remove the sheild on that pig which can be hard work with out a machine. Also I pickle mine for three days shave it then degrease it in Epo-Grips degreaser. Soak it no more than 20 minutes, rinse and place it back in the pickle for another day.
From there drain, neturlize, rinse well, drain and then apply your McKenzie tan on it. I haven't used their tan for I rather Liqua-tan for a rub on tan.

Cream tan works

This response submitted by FF on 1/17/06 at 11:05 AM. ( )

I have done a hand full of hogs with the Cream Tan from Rhineharts. Never had a problem with any of them. Make sure you do a good job on fleshing. Never used any degreaser on them either. Everone thinks they NEED to PICKLE everything .... WHY I ask? Check out the information on the Cream Tan, never states you need to pickle. I just believe its a time waste. In 10 years of taxidermy work I have never brought any chemicals in my shop for pickling or any other type of tanning agents. Guess i must not know what I AM DOING. HA HA HA.


This response submitted by dave h on 1/17/06 at 12:15 PM. ( )

I have used krowtann with good results. I skin, flesh, wash in coleman fuel or degreaser, place in Krowtann for 3 days, thin and mount. Works great.

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