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The bobcat had been in the pickle one day, I took it out and the face was still stiff, the ears where turned about half way, the bottom lip was still basically rock hard. I put stop rot on the entire face and ears, then injected some in ears and lip(barely could get the needle in). This is my first time tanning and I think the pickle probably helped some but when I got it out on the third day there was a big difference. I shot the lip and ears again, fleshed everything else, came back and did the face. I think the stop rot did help quite a bit the face turned out great when I mounted it . Thanks for the info, Jeff

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Thanks for the report, Jeff.

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I figured it probably would, but a lot of times what a person thinks might work may not work out at all in real life. Until someone bothers to venture it's just another opinion. Thanks for taking the venture.

I Forgot

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The bottom lip, you couldn't hardly tell it had been freezer burnt. Jeff

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