Freeze Drying Videos

Submitted by Art Bartman on 1/17/06 at 6:39 PM. ( )

Can Anyone Give A list Of Tapes Or Information On Freeze Drying ?

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Tough time finding

This response submitted by Don (the River Rat) on 1/18/06 at 3:00 AM. ( )

I had a tough time finding any information on freeze-drying.
The only video I could find comes from Freeze Drying Specialties. www.freezedry .com (I believe) they are in the suppliers listing. Archie Phillips also has a book out; it is a little older but does help.
I am fairly new at freeze-drying but the machine has not been empty for the last year and I have some great and unusual mount. If you have any questions drop a line I'll try to help.
If you find any other videos I would be interested Don

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