never done this before

Submitted by james connors on 1/19/06 at 1:55 AM. ( )

i thaught ide just have a go at tanning or whatever ime doing, so i have no idea how to do any of it

ive scraped some sort of membrane crud off the inside and put salt all over it .... is that what to do?

i just want to have a go at it

if somone could send me a simple method to make this rabbit skin leather, ide love it

and i dont have any chemical stuff either

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This response submitted by JC on 1/19/06 at 2:47 AM. ( )

I dont know enough about it myself to help you out,BUT that little
Day-Quil looking search button to left can be your best friend,just
type in what you want to know and you will have all the info.that
you will need,and check back here, someone will probably offer up
more info.

Alum Paste...

This response submitted by Jim on 1/20/06 at 11:24 AM. ( )

Check out "Tanning a squirrel (1/15/06)". There you'll find the recipie that I great! I have more that I'll post if you'd like, but I think this is the easiest.

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