Rawhide tanning for Drums

Submitted by Beau Cottrell on 1/22/06 at 4:59 PM. ( fforbees@hotmail.com )

I am a woodworker who wants to make a drum. I would also like to make drum head myself. I have friends who hunt that can get me a raw skin, but not sure what to do with it from there. I have read about putting the hide in a lime bath for 7-9 days, but no detail as to how much lime to how much water. How is lime sold, does the rawhide need to be stretched on a frame, etc.? Does anyone know of a website I can go to (I've googled this and have so far not been lucky) for full details on doing this? Any help will be appreciated.

Beau Cottrell

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With the originals, you did nothing

This response submitted by George on 1/22/06 at 5:38 PM. ( georoof@aol.com )

Raw deer or buffalo hide was stretched over the drum and laced down with sinew, Sharp stones, knives or even fire were used to remove the hair. With time, the green hide rehydrated and fire again was used to renew the timbre of the drum. If you want to know how to MAKE rawhide, however, all you needed to do was click that orange SEARCH icon in the left column and type in "making rawhide" using the quotation marks. Bruce Rittel explains it in detail. Amazing what this site can do if you look before you type.

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