Submitted by ADAM.S on 1/24/06 at 10:45 AM. ( )

I've been reading alot about pressure washing hides to flesh. I'm just not totally convinced it's safe. would like somemore input on this matter

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Its as safe as safe gets

This response submitted by James Parrish on 1/24/06 at 11:13 AM. ( )

I have never cut myself with the pressure washer...but my fleshing machine has "bit" me several times. It won't hurt the hides either. The best way to do it is to go ahead and turn and hand flesh the face and ears. Then, place the cape on a piece of plywood on an incline and clamp it down. I like to spray from back to front on an angle. If you keep the tip of the wand moving, you shouldn't have any trouble. Flip/ adjust the hide as needed. I can get a deer fleshed in 5 mins once the face is done. You will still need to shave the cape after tanning. I use the pressure washer on turkeys too. I wouldn't think of going back to doing them on my wire wheel again.

What PSI

This response submitted by Matt G on 1/24/06 at 11:32 AM. ( )

What PSI do you use for your deer and turkeys? Also, can you pressure wash ducks and geese?


This response submitted by joeym on 1/24/06 at 8:40 PM. ( )

The pressure washer is the absolute best way to clean a skin. You need a rainsuit, and a pair of rubber boots. If you dont wear glasses, safety glasses help keep splatter out of your eyes. If you have spent much time at a fleshing beam, the pressure washer is a "MODERN MARVEL"!


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