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I am a highschool chemistry teacher. One of my students decided to tan a deer. Evidently he was successful and he wants to bring it in. I told him fine but in preparation I want some background to the actual chemistry that he conducted while tanning the deer. I understand what some of the chemicals do but I was wondering what specifically did the acid bath (pickle) he soaked the deer in do and what does Lutan-F do and what does the Pro-Plus oil do. I am looking for answers in terms of the actual chemistry.

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Dave, are you really sure you want to know?

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The reason I asked is because the source information is as close as your mouse. Click that orange SEARCH icon in the left margin and type in "How to tan a hide". Don't try it on break however. Or you can click the hyperlink of Rittel or whitetaildesignersystems and they may get to the crux of the matter quicker for you.


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Somehow I must've typed the Whitetail Designer Systems wrong. You can go to the source at:


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Here's a good website for the basics.
( and there are others out there)

Basically the pickling process preps the hide by removal of the non- tannable proteins. It also preps the active sites for accepting the tan.

Tanning solutins actually crosslink the proteins of the collagen and stabilize the hide.

Oil softens the hide by filling some of the voids left open by teh pickling process.

screwy world

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if you ARE a high school teacher, you have tenyor, a union job, AND a government guaranteed pension. then why the hell don't you tell us hard working blokes a thing or two bout chemistry. that don't have any of that stuff.

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