Thawing a SKINNED Deer

Submitted by James on 1/26/06 at 1:22 PM. ( )

What is the best method for thawing a SKINNED deer. I've been thawing them overnight in cold water and skin prep from Knoblocks. I have not had any problems but I'm wondering if this solution could cause any problems with the pickle and tan down the road.

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No water...

This response submitted by Paul on 1/26/06 at 5:39 PM. ( )

Just find a spot on the back of the cape and hang it up, it will be ready to work on in 4 to 6 hours or overnight at room temp. All I keep hearing on this sight is slipping of hair. Any soaking, wetting, powerwashing, washing of a raw skin, cape is asking for trouble. There is no reason to saturate a skin with water in a raw state. Blood dirt etc. comes out very nicly when rehydrating. You want to dry a raw cape with salt after you throughly flesh and turn everything asap. I have never lost a cape or hide to slipping( accept a cape I bought from some a$$hole on this sight) in 9 years I've been doing customer work. 23 life size foxes in the last 3 years, all fine. The key is to not make the process more difficult than it is. Skin, flesh, turn, salt then to tannery. Or if your home tanning, rehydrate, pickle, shave, neutralize, tan and oil. This process has worked fine, even since George started doing taxidermy. I'm not sure Jim if soaking your frozen cape in that solution will damage it or not but why even take that chance. Paul

not a problem

This response submitted by Mr.T on 1/26/06 at 7:06 PM. ( )

I agree with Paul, however, in this case, as long as you use that Knoblochs skin prep with salt, you will have no problems. I only use it on a green or smelly suspect cape. Let the cape thaw, if it is dry and no funky orders, simply flesh and salt. If I find a cape that is ripe like I had two of them today, I wash in cold water till clear, then mix up the skin prep and let them soak 15 minutes or more, pull out and let drain, leave the salt and skin prep residue in it, hang it for at least an hour, wrap them up in towels for 10 minutes and they will be almost dry and ready to go. The skin prep can be put in the pickle or tan also. That skin prep is some very strong stuff. It is strengthened to replace the Basacryl bactericide. Knoblocks mixed the skin prep without the salt when tested it, and had capes in it for 30 days without slip, I have been told by their tech guy. But moisture will help slip develop quickly on a bio hazard cape, but with the salt and skin prep residue left in the cape, it will be dry before the salting is done.

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