Stop-Rot Question

Submitted by srq on 1/27/06 at 4:01 AM. ( )

Since it's apparently some sort of acid? my question is, if it's injected in to fleshy areas of the skin, and it's not all removed for whatever reason, over time (10+ yrs) will this cause dry rot?
Will it accelerate dry rot in an alum-tanned skin?

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STOP-ROT answer

This response submitted by sra on 1/27/06 at 11:01 AM. ( )

Guen, you of all people should know that skin does not have fleshy areas.

In regards to dry rot on flesh:
You will have to wait six more years for that answer as testing is now only at the four year mark. I have a few more photos to take before adding to that particular page on time performance on before it's a wrap for another year.

Is alum the cause of dry rot in leather, or was the "real" damage done before alum was brought into the quo? Don't you just hate people that answer a question with a question? I do that on a regular basis because it makes a person think.

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