deer hide question

Submitted by clint on 1/27/06 at 12:13 PM. ( )

i am new to the tanning world and i recently shot a deer with my bow and i wanted to tan the hide with the hair on. i ordered the McKenzie deer hide tanning kit and used that with the vinegar pickle. everything seemed to turn out fine except for the smell of the vinegar that it seems to not get rid of. i was wondering if there is anything that there is that you can do to get rid of that smell. thank you if you can help me out in any way.

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rub a little

This response submitted by michael p on 1/27/06 at 12:30 PM. ( )

baby powder into the leather side, and break it into the hide. it should absorb some of the smell. wont completely fix it, but should make it more manageable-and then let it air a little more, the vinegar should dissipate.


This response submitted by it on 2/1/06 at 11:29 AM. ( )

in a tumbler with ceader shavings and/or borax. A fifty five gallon bucket on a fan moter or two should provide a tumbler. Or a dryer with out the heating unit. If yopu get desperate enough, you think up some pretty cool stuff.

P.S.-block the vent with something too. After removing the heating unit too.

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