McKenzie Tan for a Deer Rug or a Throw

Submitted by Matt on 1/27/06 at 5:43 PM. ( )

I was wondering if you can use McKenzie Tan for a deer hide that I want to be able to just keep on my couch. If I can what process do I have to go through after the tan in order to get these results?

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This response submitted by oldshaver on 1/27/06 at 7:51 PM. ( )

If you want it soft, like a chamois. Oiling, stakers,sawdust drums, and know how. Otherwise, you might get it to conform to the shape of the couch, if your lucky.

McKenzie tan not the right choice

This response submitted by terryr on 1/28/06 at 2:17 AM. ( )

you need something like lutanf for a super soft skin


This response submitted by Ed Babneau on 1/28/06 at 8:02 AM. ( )

While "Old Shaver's reply is short, and perhapps a little pesemistic,he is basicaly right. McKenzie Tan Will , in fact, Be fine for a throw rug.However, If you have the eqipment to to shave and tumble the hide it will give you a much more supple hide.I would highly recomend oiling it w/ a good leather oil,and at least "breaking". it over a table edge.

deer hide

This response submitted by clint on 1/28/06 at 10:57 AM. ( )

i just got through with using the McKenzie tan on my deer hide and in order to get the job done good it takes alot of time i think if i ever do it again i will send it away to get it done that way i dont have to break a sweat over it.

I use

This response submitted by Bill Richards on 1/28/06 at 11:00 AM. ( )

McKensie tan for the same purpose, but I also brush McKensie oil on it as well. I shave it as thin as possible, and keep breaking the hide over a hard edge. After it's dry, I'll take some 80 grit sandpaper and use it on the leather. It works well for me.


This response submitted by oldshaver on 1/28/06 at 9:03 PM. ( )

Not me? Ed, you have got to be talking about someone else.LOL

Hey bill

This response submitted by Todd on 1/29/06 at 7:01 AM. ( )

After you break it do you keep applying the McKenzie oil? Do you just keep breaking it until dries the way you want it. I've been using my speed strecher to strech it out good, then I will take and ax head While it is on the strecher and run over it with that. I do the hard to get places with the ax head in the vise. Does this sound okay?

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