Elk dry tan

Submitted by Jeff S. on 1/27/06 at 6:05 PM. ( )

I have 2 nice Tanned elk capes I'm thinking about selling,they are a dry tan by Wildlife Gallery,they measure 23"-24"dry,would anyone know approx. what they would measure after being rehydrated.

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looking for elk

This response submitted by jared on 1/27/06 at 7:36 PM. ( awbull67@yahoo.com )

if u are willing to sell one provided they are full shoulder capes im looking for a cape please email me at the above address with prices and descriptions .thanks

About 26 to28

This response submitted by Paul on 1/29/06 at 3:58 PM. ( )

Just rehydrated one, dry 28 now 32.

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