after tanning...returnd to pickle..

Submitted by rl on 1/28/06 at 3:07 PM. ( )

I became pressusred with lack of time and lack of room and lack of freezer space.

Instead of oilinig the tanned goods and air drying (IS THAT WHAT I AHOULD HAVE DONE?)

I returned the tanned goods into anouther acid pickle of 2.0.

Now, after a month, the pickle reads 1.5. What should my next move be?

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This response submitted by lee on 1/28/06 at 3:56 PM. ( )

another freezer, would be my next move!


This response submitted by Mr.T on 1/28/06 at 4:49 PM. ( )

Next step is to figure out the real reason why you put it back in the pickle. After it was done. Try to neutralize it, and re-tan it. There is no guarantee what you will end up with.
You should have let it dry, and hung it up on a nail somewhere until you were ready to rehydrate and use it. Not putting it back in the pickle. It would have been ok in the fridge a day or two after the tan.

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