Questions about brain tanning a bearhide?

Submitted by rick lindell on 1/8/06 at 12:04 PM. ( )

Hello folks,
Even though I have been around furs and hides my whole life I am a complete "GREENHORN" on tanning I have 2 deer a fox and mink in the freezer that I would like to tan with hair on These would be my practice furs for a bear I shot that is just beautiful and would like to make a rug with.I don't have clue where to start. I have heard that each animal has enough brains to tan its own hide but can,t imagine that a cupful of brains would be enough for a bearhide.I think you mix it with water to make a paste?One last potential problem.I shot bear in november. I kept the skull and have it outside in my barn and it has been frozen for 2 months now. still any good,
the brains I mean.I am willing to do any amount of work on these hides even down to chewing on them like the indian women would do.
But would appreciate some info on the tanning process that will make them turn out the best looking, and the softest.
Thanks in advance,and keep your eyes on the skyline
and watch your topknot. The Bushwacker

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Don't be cheap

This response submitted by Joe on 1/8/06 at 12:28 PM. ( mt_fuji@hotmail )

Send that stuff out to be tanned right. You have lots of time invested into your hunts, don't go on the cheap now! Send them to a reputable tannery and get it done right!

Then have a REAL tan done professionally

This response submitted by George on 1/8/06 at 12:30 PM. ( )

This is a TAXIDERMY site and in MY OPINION, for taxidermy (including rugs), brain tans are an INFERIOR TAN. Now if you're still stuck in this yuppie world of mimmicking antiquated methods, go to That's where you'll find more kindred spirits.

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