McKenzie oil

Submitted by todd on 1/29/06 at 1:43 PM. ( )

Do I need to apply more than one coat of McKenzie oil. I'm in the process of tanning a coyote skin for show. I would like to get as soft as possible.

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it needs to be broken

This response submitted by terryr on 1/30/06 at 12:20 AM. ( )

one coat of oil is enuf but hide needs to be broken to be soft - i hope you pickled skin b4 just applying oil - as the skin starts to dry pull on it and you will see it turn white as you pull - that is the breaking of the fibers that make it soft

Im a little green but not that green!

This response submitted by todd on 1/30/06 at 9:50 PM. ( )

Yes, the cape went threw the tanning process. This is my first attempt at a soft tan. I talked to Perry Stout at McKenzie today and he told me that the more oil the better. I applied a 2nd coat after breaking it the first time and it seem like it took the oil alot better the second time.

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