Sodium hydrogen carbonate = sodium bicarbonate = baking soda

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First off, I'm dedicating this post to paul k. The guy has probably never had a post dedicated to him in his life, and I figger it's about time.

Now, Yalls lissen' up 'cause I'm only gonna tell ya this oncet. Yalls gettin' old enough to understand this stuff anyways. Sounds like ya need to.

Sodium hydrogen carbonate = sodium bicarbonate = baking soda

What's the difference in those three? Two things. Price and screen size.

Laboratory grade, medical grade, dental grade, food grade, industrial grade, tanning grade (I made that one up), and livestock grade are ALL produced at the same time out of the same batch!

The particles are then sifted through screens of various mesh sizes and divided into their respective classifications.

The same stuff you might use as an ant-acid is the same stuff the farmer might use as a rumen buffer for his cows, or it might be the same stuff you are using as a dental abrasive, or as a constituent of baking POWDER, heck, you might even be using it to "neutralize" your pickles or hides. You know, I hate that "neutralize" word in tanning applications, it is so misleading.

If you want to make your own, all you need is some ammonia, some limestone rocks, some salt, some water and a little equipment.............

At this point paul k is probably wondering, "Who in thee Hell figures all this crap out. Ammonia, rocks, salt and water to produce baking soda?".

Actually some guy by the name of Solvay has been given the greatest credit for developing the process.

Here is a page of simplified diagrams and explanations:

When you go through that page, pick through it slowly as to get the maximum sensation of having gained answers to many thing you always wondered (wandered for Bill Yox) about.

Take note that when heated sodium bicarbonate can be reduced to sodium carbonate, which you might know as sal soda, or washing soda.

Either of the two, when heated in water can be reduced to sodium hydroxide, an alkaline caustic that helps in the removal of meat, ligaments, and tendons from skulls or skull caps.

Now when you take sodium bicarbonate internally for that stomach acid situation what is happening is that the baking soda reacts with the hydrochloric acid of the stomach to produce carbon dioxide, water and SALT! Looky there, makes ya feel like yer belly is just as smart as that Solvay guy.

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like the girl who ...

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read the book 'all about penguins' - set it down on the table and looked up at her mother - mom, that's more than i ever wanted to know about penguins

glen conley

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gentlemen like you are the reason that this forum is what it has grown to be. thank you for taking the time to put things in to such lamens terms that even i can understand them! i'm gonna e-mail you my latest stop rot experiment pretty soon. thanks! michaelp

A guy picks up a penguin that was hitch hiking.

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A game warden sees this guy with a penguin in his front seat and takes off in pursuit. Pulls the guy over and yells at him, "You're going to have to take that penguin to the zoo!"

Next day, same guy, same penguin drives past the same game warden. Game warden takes off in pursuit, pulls the guy over.

The game warden sez, "I thought I told you to take that penguin to the zoo!?!"

The guy sez, "I did, and we had such a good time we figured we would go to a movie today."


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mom has told me that that same joke (but substitutes a monkey for the penguin) twice a year, every since i was 5. every time i still laugh with her. it is priceless!

This might make it easier to find in the archieves.

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Next time someone asks if sodium bicarbonate and baking soda are the same, just tell them to use the search button and enter baking soda and penguins.


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Well this is what I think old shaver was talking about, we have people that claim to know it all or try to educate people who don't know. Your right Glen and glad to see that someone took the time to explain it. In a recent article(Taxidermy Today) someone said that it takes twice as much bicarb to do a job as it would if you used baking soda.... its the same freeeeeking thing. Next they will say that cube sugar is not as strong as the bulk sugar in a bag.

don't forget the.....

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it comes in tablet form as well. (smart a$$ pharmacist)

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