George i love this JRTS STUFF

Submitted by paul e on 1/30/06 at 8:14 AM. ( )

i tried it on a pc of scrap first using stoprot
get this i didnt pickle(i felt like i was cheating)
also used something Glen gave me to try and as a result
didnt salt either(hope i got your attention)
i know its easy enough to flesh,salt,shave and apply tan
i will try that next
i just borrowed Glens mad scientist hat for a pc of scrap and
i put that pc of scrap through the ringer
it came out beautiful
yestuday i mounted a beautiful bruiser using stoprot,the stuff Glen gave me, and JRTS
it was a wonderful experience
its been quite a while since i did a deer with dry preservative
i forgot how much stretch i used to get
the one i did yesturday had the same or even better stretch
and it definately felt like a tanned skin
it sewed up great
i told Glen this could be the start of a beautiful relationship
im sold go JRTS
paul e

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oops thank you joe osborn also

This response submitted by paul e on 1/31/06 at 11:20 AM. ( )

this procedure has more than doubled ny output

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