Submitted by Stacy on 1/30/06 at 8:35 PM. ( )

I'm just starting out thinging about Van Dykes detail flesher or maybe dakota v . any help please !

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This response submitted by grace on 1/30/06 at 10:27 PM. ( )

I hav a Egerbeaver and love it!


This response submitted by John Morley on 1/31/06 at 8:30 AM. ( )

If you are going to do your own tanning the fleshing machine is your most important piece of equipment. I would recommend the Van Dyke's Professional model. However Amy R. has a used Rawhide for sale currently in the For Sale section. The Rawhide is a very good machine, just not as adjustable as the Pro model. I know it is a big investment BUT if you have thought enough to decide that you want to do your own tanning then it would be wise to buy the right machine. Otherwise you will probably not be happy and either end up sending your capes out or 'upgrading' to one of the better machines. I have learned that is best to buy right the first time as it is only more expensive buying right the second time.

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Go to the library and get a book that tells you how to make one yourself. Request it if need be. Or Just be creative and use imagination.

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