make rug after tanning with krowtann

Submitted by dan on 1/2/06 at 9:20 PM. ( )

the bobcat was tanned and then just left outside hanging out to dry. the skin has turned blackish and hard. what should be done now if i want to make a rug out of it?

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resoak it

This response submitted by mac on 1/2/06 at 9:22 PM. ( )

just resoak it up, been using krowtann for a longtime and it doesnt hurt to resoak it.

nothing else like oil?

This response submitted by dan on 1/2/06 at 9:55 PM. ( )

so i dont have to oil it?


This response submitted by John W. on 1/2/06 at 10:11 PM. ( )

Oil that hide and don't forget ,you have to break that hide if you want it soft.

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