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We are also interested in a auto tanner. You said that you flesh after the first 2 hour tan. Do you just take it off the skull and the main red meat then putit in the tanner before yousplit the lips, eyes, nose and ears? Is it worth the investment? What is the average cost per deer cape if you don't mind me asking? Thank You

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Love our tanner

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When the deer comes in the shop - we always try to skin, take all the excess fat & meat off the skin - turn the ears - split the eye,nose and lips, tag and bag it for the freezer. You can tan it then if you like - then after the busy deer season slows down we'll take a frozen cape in the bag out of the freezer so we can thaw it during the day while we are at work and put it into the tanner when we get home. We can usually get the hide in the tanner with 50lbs of pressure at 3pm then at 5pm we let the pressure out of the tank and drain it (we spin it in the washer in the shop. ( We dump the tanning solution and make fresh for the 2nd tan . Then it gets fleshed on the flesher for about 1/2 hour - then it gets the facial work done for another 20 minutes - then it goes back into the tanner for 1 hour with a fresh gallon of water and ( I have a premeasured cup for the tan crystals ) I think its 16ozs and we also add 2 ozs of oil in this tan. After the hour in the tanner you drain and spin and we put a light coat of rug oil on the hide before we measure it for the form size and refreeze it until we have the form.
We could not work without our tanner - tanneries and us dont always get along - We like being in control....
Good luck and I hope you enjoy your new tanner - we'll be ordering a new one before too long.
The way we do this is the way the instructions went when we bought the macchine from the creator ( Steve R ) Nice guy. They have changed the rules in the Breakthrough article that Dan Rinehart and Steve wrote. No matter how you do it it sure beats salting - drying - sending into the tannery and waiting for the capes to return.
We did 80+ deer last year and were done by the end of June. We have a lot of happy customers.

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