Is Rittel still in business?

Submitted by Sam Hopkins on 1/6/06 at 4:52 PM. ( )

Is Rittel Supplies out of business? I ordered their EZ Tan kit directly from them because they were one day ship time closer then my normal shop but that was on the 28th of Dec and I still havent seen it. I've sent 2-3 emails and no response from them.... =(


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This response submitted by John on 1/6/06 at 5:33 PM. ( )

I just got an email from Bruce this morning. It's only the 5th and you have to remember that there was a holiday in there.


This response submitted by John on 1/6/06 at 5:34 PM. ( )

No they are not out of business.


This response submitted by John on 1/6/06 at 5:39 PM. ( )

Lost a day there it's only the 6th

Well then....

This response submitted by Sam on 1/6/06 at 8:00 PM. ( )

Can someone tell him to check his eemails and ship his orders out? Or at least email me and tell me he's not shipping anything so I can go elsewhere?



This response submitted by jrosbor on 1/6/06 at 9:23 PM. ( )

His phone # is right on the front page of his web site. Give them a call to see what is up.

I once got slamed for not getting a respons after like 6wks! He runs a business! This time of year he is swamped. Be patient. Unless you payed for in plant rush or faster shipping. Then it would be a dif ball game.

A total

This response submitted by John on 1/6/06 at 9:37 PM. ( )

of 7 business days - 1 holiday = 6days= you will probably get it Monday or Tuesday. LOL!

I dont so much care

This response submitted by Sam on 1/7/06 at 8:25 AM. ( )

I dont so much care as the ship time if he would respond to emails letting me know if/when he's gonna ship. I ordered the stuff because I need it, not because I want to sit in limbo and hope it shows up some day. Ya know?

Yep! We are!

This response submitted by Bruce Rittel on 1/8/06 at 12:14 AM. ( )

Sam - we posted your order on the 28th of December. The week after Christmas. Because our Suppliers are all usually closed during this week we only have a skeleton crew on hand to handle incoming orders. In fact we have a message on our phone informing callers about the fact that we close down during this week every year. However, the few of us here still try to pump out a few orders. First come - first served. Your order has not yet been shipped but will go out this week.

As for e-mails - I do try to answer them - unless in your subject you do not have any reference to "Tanning". I get too many e-mails selling Viagra and refinancing my home - and consequently I always delete messages other than those referring to tanning.

We had an overwhelming amount of orders before Christmas this year. In fact, we used extra people in an attempt to catch up - but we didnt quite do it! If your order is late - we apologize. We're working hard to catch up and we will ship your order as soon as is humanly possible.

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