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Submitted by Kay on 2/3/06 at 1:34 PM. ( )

I have a question...why is it that from the old way of neutralizing it was a total of 3 oz of baking soda for 20 mins. and now its a total of 6 oz for 15 mins? Why double the amount and less time. I called yesterday to ask a question and they gave me this new information.
just courious....I know that ozark woods isn't open today or I would call them to ask.
Thanks for any infromation you can provide.

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Check out the post

This response submitted by morris smith on 2/3/06 at 2:11 PM. ( mostaxidermy@alltel.net )

Question for Bruce Rittel on 01/31/06


This response submitted by morris smith on 2/3/06 at 2:18 PM. ( mostaxidermy@alltel.net )

Sorry Kay, wrong kind of tan. They were talking about EZ-TAN

Not sure but

This response submitted by J Randall on 2/3/06 at 9:58 PM. ( )

Myself, Becky P and Brad were discussing this a few days back because brad had tanned some capes and neutralized following the new directions and had slippage. I have used Krowtann on everything I mount and had no problems at all but I used the new batch just like the old, I didn't even bother reading the new directions that came with my last order until reading post from Brad about the troubles he was having when I did read the directions it confused me also because if the product hasn't changed why would the instructions? I am in no way affiliated with Ozark Woods so I don't feel justified giving any advise about their product other than my own evaluation based on my experience using it but I tanned my bobcat and a couple of deer with Krowtann from my newest order that came with the new instructions and everything went fine but again I did it the old way three oz of baking soda added one ounce at a time in five minutes apart then let soak for 20 minutes and proceeded. Everything seemed just as it always did before as far as the condition of the hide and I seen no signs of under neutralization but I would like to know the reason for the new instructions and hope nothing comes back to bite me for doing everything the old way. Before you tan something valuable I would talk to Ozark woods and see what they say.
have a good one

the old way

This response submitted by Brad on 2/4/06 at 4:21 PM. ( wingstaxidermy@aol.com )

Kay, Whatever you do dont follow the new directions.Like JRandall said I had 7 capes slip after I followed the new directions.After talking to Becky and JRandall about the problem I gave Krowtann another chance and when I neutralized it I went back to the old way and only used 3oz and so far everything is back to normal.

thanks for the info

This response submitted by Kay on 2/6/06 at 12:54 PM. ( )

Thank you for the information. I had a deer hide coming out of the tan on friday (thats way I asked then). I did use the new way and I had no problems with it. I'm so glad that I didn't! Brad I'm sorry that you had the slip problems.

I wish someone from Ozark Woods would read this and let us know the reasoning behind the new way.

The Reason

This response submitted by Ozark Woods on 2/6/06 at 2:37 PM. ( ozarkwoods@alltel.net )

In the newest set of instructions the neutralizeing step was changed due to a lot of people mis reading the amount of time you left the cape in to sodium bicarbonate/water mixture a total of 20 min from the time the cape was placed in until you took it out. As for the amount of sodium bicarbonate it is about the same as what was used with the "original" instructions from when we first introduced the product. There were a lot of people that weren't getting their hides fully neutralized with the 3oz-2gall water mixture so we went back to the original.

Ozark woods

This response submitted by Kay on 2/7/06 at 3:12 PM. ( )

Thank you responding.

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