Submitted by Travis on 2/5/06 at 10:11 PM. ( )

Hello, I need some help ! I tanned 8 or 10 beaver hides with Krowtann and I can't get them to look or feel right ! I am trying to get them soft. The hides were just air dried and then tanned. I have never tanned anything that was air dried, but I figured it would be like a salted hide ! I just done a deer hide with krowtann and it was salted, now it is just like a soft dry tan from a comercial tannery. What should I do to the beaver hides to make them soft like the deer ? Thanks, Travis

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This response submitted by J. Randall on 2/6/06 at 12:02 AM. ( )

Did you rehydrate them before putting them in the Krowtann or just put them in dry? also when you say they don't look or feel right are they stiff and rubbery kind of like a hide right out of a pickle or what exactly. if that is the problem they might not be neutralized properly. they should feel like a wet dish cloth when your done.

call me and I will help you out

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This response submitted by Travis on 2/8/06 at 12:15 AM. ( )

I did not rehydrate them before putting them in the krowtann as I never do the salted hides ! They are very hard and still have a bloody look to the leather side of them. I went ahead and left them in the tan for the forth day and I neutralized them as I always do, and I have never had a problem with krowtann !

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