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Submitted by Keith on 2/13/06 at 11:46 PM. ( missedagain32@yahoo.com )

We trap alot of beaver and wanted to try to tan some of them.We dont know anything about it but trying to learn. We went by the instructions. Used Safetee-Acid, EZ Tan & Protal tanning oil. we fleshed them down to were they we so thin in some places they ripped when we were breaking them while they were drying but after they dry they are still hard.. We are new to this and have alot more of them to play with but we dont know where we are messing up...any help? Ideals? We also did a couple of fox and a coyote.. they didnt turn out to bad except around the face and head... Just not what i though they would be.. Let us know what to do so we can mess some more of them up.. Thanks for the help. Keith

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if it were easy

This response submitted by ej on 2/14/06 at 5:14 AM. ( . )

this forum would not exist. there are other things you should do.
but for now. i'd
start by pickeling with an enzyme. you see you have to draw all the fat out of the skin before the tanning oil can replace it. i advise this because you say your heads are hard on your yotes. also if the finished skins are hard in places, that sounds like an over tan. and over tanning is easy to do with bruces eze 100. or so i have found. he may argue with me but that;s what this place is a for!

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