McKenzie tan Question

Submitted by Jesse on 2/16/06 at 7:01 PM. ( )

Have a question for the people who have used McKenzie tan..
I have it turned, fleshed and salted. 3 x deer capes are almost completely dry. Questions I have are
Q1. Can I put in the pickle the way it is or do I need to rehydrate it and remove all the Salt before placing in the pickle?

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Rehydrate first

This response submitted by Paul on 2/16/06 at 7:51 PM. ( )

then place in pickle. Same precedure as any topical or brush on tans.


This response submitted by Ed on 2/16/06 at 8:01 PM. ( )

Jesse,Re-Hydrate them first.Your optimum saline content for Re-hydrateing mix, Should be a minimum of 40%.If you dont have a salinometer ,1 cup of salt per gal. of water will put you in the zone. If any doubts, more salt wont hurt. 4-5 hrs in the re-hydration bath should be enough(as long as the hides have limbered up).If you use a relaxer , Be sure to check the PH of youre pickle often the first day or so (it should be Between 1 and 2,1.5 being optimum)And should check it daily out of good practice. Good luck.

Thanks Ed and paul

This response submitted by Jesse on 2/16/06 at 8:51 PM. ( )

Appreciate it. I have never used the McKenzie tan but thought I would give it a try. I am sure all will be solid by the time the stuff gets here. I guess you can get it in a kit. Comes with the crystals and brush on tan and instructions for neutralizing it in Baking soda bath. I got 1 I can use as a guinea pig. If all else fails I will send off to get tanned.

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