krowtann question

Submitted by tim on 2/17/06 at 12:10 AM. ( )

just placed a red deer cape into a mixture of krowtann a couple of hours ago. ive had this krowtann for about 6 months. i shoke it up real well. this was a small cape so i mixed the solution up to equal to large whitetail. i just checked it again and there was an oily substance all over the side of the container that looked like something in the krowtann went bad in the bottle. should i mix up another batch or leave it. any help will be really appreciated.

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its okay

This response submitted by terryr on 2/17/06 at 12:13 AM. ( )

dont worry it will turn out fine

fine its doing what its supposed to

This response submitted by paul e on 2/17/06 at 7:06 AM. ( )

make sure and change position once a day to get the tan in all areas
and if you take it out and let it drain watch the ears they will sometimes collect the liquid and when you take the skin out and move it around you get acid /tan all over you(lol)
this is some pretty potent stuff
i where glasses and use long rubber gloves
paul e

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