Im back on my meds

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Can anyone tell me which side of a shaving machine you are supposed to shave from? And, yes, there is a right and a wrong way. I went to a web-site of a company I was having discussion with the other day, and I couldnt believe my eyes!

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Welcome back

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I saw that pic too. It takes all kinds to make the knife, er, world go round....

Glad your back.

hi OLD Shave

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you sound good...glad your back! how come you don't believe in enyzymes...because they take the place of shaving sometimes.. well nothing can do that. but i've seen 'm come close. wer'e cold tonight going down below zero. i live near st. louis.. it's [the cold] coming your way padre.

enzymes serve a purpose- if you got the time

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they just work too slow, but they do make for a softer hide if you dont have other means to make them soft. In the 20's, but yall would probablly welcome that. Somebody answer that question!


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The operator will sit behind the knife and to the right of center. The hood or cover of the knife will nestle in the left shoulder of the operator. The operator will pull the hide from the left to the right.

There have been people that did it backwards from this traditional position. Those people may have been left handed and tried pulling from right to left. With the way most commercial machines are made, the belt runs on the right side of the machine, so pulling from the right to the left clearly is a disadvantage since the operator would have to clear much more parts of the machine to get the same cut.

Pulling from the left to the right is most definitely the correct way just from a mechanical perspective. It is easier and the machines are designed to be operated that way. And this is not an opinion, it is a mechanical fact if anyone wants to argue the point.

David Patton

If I might add-

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Shaving from the left side of the machine greatly increases chances for injury to the right hand. An over-reach with the right hand, across the knife, will usually take off a layer of skin (with a little meat), that takes weeks to heal. Left hand cuts are more common, but are usually minor in comparison, due the fact that the left hand is slightly pulling away from the edge of the blade, just enough to keep the skin taught. The right arm is pulling with greater force, hence, worse injury.


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GOOD INFO, and from my two heros! the above "OS" and David Patton.

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