Flesher blade

Submitted by ALLAN STOCKERT on 2/19/06 at 1:55 PM. ( )

Is there anyway you can sharpen a round fleshing blade yourself?

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i would not

This response submitted by ej on 2/19/06 at 4:32 PM. ( . )

i'd send it out for professional sharpening. i'm sure somebody on this forum can help you with that, just ask

I sharpen mine after every use

This response submitted by brian sniatecki on 2/19/06 at 5:35 PM. ( truillusions1@aol.com )

I have a Van Dykes flesher and have never sent it off I just use the sharpening tools supplied with my machine and the blade is razor sharpe ever time. If you need more info email me.


This response submitted by David Patton on 2/19/06 at 6:48 PM. ( )

I can sharpen your knife. We call it grinding. What Brian is referring to is actually called "steeling" or "tuning". Eventually your lip will wear away under the best circumstances and a new edge or lip is required. The rolling of the lip is difficult and requires a specially made rolling device to accomplish. It is not expensive. I charge 20 plus shipping, and it will last a long time depending upon usage.


This response submitted by Kristi on 2/20/06 at 9:42 AM. ( )

Could you explain the difference between steeling/tuning and sharpening? If tuning is not sharpening, then what does the tuning accomplish?



This response submitted by David Patton on 2/20/06 at 12:04 PM. ( )

Tuning keeps the current edge in good condition. In other words, sharp, cutting smooth without ripples, etc. Once a knife is worn down to the point that it no longer cuts effectively, it has to be reground. That means taking it off the shaving machine, putting it on a grinder and "resharpening" the edge. Then a device is used to turn the lip over for a new edge.

After this process, you put the knife back on the shaving machine and then proceed with your tuning steels to keep the new edge sharp.

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