allready ben hard tanned

Submitted by john on 2/19/06 at 8:22 PM. ( )

ive got a bobcat and a beaver that have allready ben hard tanned with tanning powder can i make them a soft tan with vingar water and salt if so what do i need and what are the steps

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John you haven't tanned them yet

This response submitted by George on 2/19/06 at 9:08 PM. ( )

No "powder" will tan a hide and your choice of chemicals is really a stretch. You need to do some serious study about mammal tans. The archives is filled with information as is

you need to rehydrate...

This response submitted by terryr on 2/20/06 at 12:23 AM. ( )

with proper chemicals and then really tan them (they aren't now) - lutanf is the best (in my opinions) for soft tanning - i can also do them for you for a nominal fee - you can also send the to a commercial tannery


This response submitted by Frank E Kotula on 2/20/06 at 6:41 AM. ( )

Sure he did LOL. He must off used that product which is sold by that company whose name gets deleted here. You know which one (Dan C&!@&) LOL. He sells the magic powder he call a dry tan LOL. So I feel he got what he asked for, a lier whose been around for ages. The onld saying goes their's a fool borne every minute and he finds them LOL.
Now I'm not picking on you John for you see when I first got into this and didn't know about this until I got Breakthrough and so forth, I too was one of those dry tan fools. Except I learned the hard way fast and glad I did.
You came to the right place to learn all about tanning. There's a wealth of knowldge here and what your not sure of will be glad to help out with no smart answers. Good luck tanning is a lot of fun.

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