tan in dixie tan

Submitted by ben on 2/21/06 at 7:43 PM. ( )

I was just wondering if dixie tan is good or bad i have searched
in stors around the house and it is all i have found i just wondered
if any of youall have used it i was going to tan a couple of coons with it just wondering thanks

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Never heard of it..

This response submitted by Greg Waite on 2/21/06 at 9:17 PM. ( )

The best advise I have for you is to order a tanning kit from McKenzie. They include a video. You also don't tell us what you are going to with it, there are different types of tanning procedures for different things. If you want it softish, like for a rug, if you want to mount it you do different things. Hope it helps

i've used it

This response submitted by roger peets on 2/21/06 at 9:47 PM. ( )

i used this 20 years ago when i first started out. i bought it through fur-fish- game. make sure every thing is thin thin or a lot of shrinkage. where did you find this?

Liqua Tan kit

This response submitted by mark on 2/22/06 at 10:08 AM. ( )

Get a Liqua Tan kit, for $18.00 you can not go wrong. We even have the directions on our web site you can even request a free technical booklet on how to tan using Liqua Tan. www.knoblochs.com

thanks to all

This response submitted by ben on 2/22/06 at 2:59 PM. ( )

Thanks for all of your help i will try it and if it don't work i will try something else

I found it

This response submitted by ben on 2/22/06 at 3:05 PM. ( )

I found it at a little store in WV I think it's called New River Trading Post

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