Breakout after tanning *HELP*

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I have been tanning for roughly a month now. Two weeks ago, I started using lotion with no problems. Well, four days ago, I used the lotion and tanned for 15 minutes. I then went an worked out. After lifting, I took off my shirt and my chest was covered in what looked like pimples. I assumed it was due to the lotion initially. I was then informed that working out immediately after tanning is not the smartest thing to do because the sweat combined with the lotion/tan can clog your pores.

I immediately threw away the lotion and bought some anti-itch, rash stuff. The next day, 50% of the bumps were gone and so was the redness. The next day, almost all of them were gone. So I went an tanned tonight AFTER my workout without using the lotion, and I had an ever worse breakout. Now my chest is even more covered, a few popped up on my stomach, back, neck, arms, shoulders and ass. My traps are covered as well. I immediately showered with soap and treated the infected area with the anti-itch cream. Hopefully the breakout will subside again.

Again, I'm not quite sure if these are pimples or what. They are little bumps randomly spread out. After the break out, most of the bumps were red like pimples. After showering and applying the cream, the bumps are now tan like my skin, but clearly visible. They itch slightly, but not too bad. Does anyone know exactly what the breakout is? Also, what is the main cause of it? Obviously I am going to stop tanning for the time being. Should I stop tanning permantely? Any help is appreciated. I'm a 19/m.

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Jokeing, Right? If not, Ohh my god!I HOPE you're talking about tanning lotion from a pharmacy, and not from a taxidermy supplier.If from a pharmacy, its more than likely an alergic reaction ,and simply stop useing it.If you're useing a product from a taxidermy supplier...STOP!

Well, at least he is in the tanning category

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You should try Krowtann on the skin! Love those search engines. He did a search on tanning and we must be close to the top of the search list. We should go to their tanning web site and post leather questions.

Holy Crap!

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How dumb is this guy. For God's sake it says "Taxidermy.Net" on the top "and" left side of the screen. And I don't want to offend anybody but since when do guys go to tanning booths? Real men get a tan el-natural.

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