how to clean fleshing blade

Submitted by Kristi on 2/24/06 at 9:41 AM. ( )

Is there anything that you should NOT use to clean your fleshing machine's blade?

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I use Clorox Clean-up

This response submitted by Pirate on 2/24/06 at 10:47 AM. ( )

I clean my blade and guards with clorox clean-up. Its a bleach spray. Right after that I coat it with a spray oil like wd 40. Then wipe it down with paper towel. Blade and machine still looks new. This works for me.


This response submitted by John Morley on 2/24/06 at 11:43 AM. ( )

The way you asked the question leaves the door wide open and makes it difficult to give you an answer ... i.e. there are allot of things Not to use - anthrax, gasoline, epoxy etc. see what I mean. You may want to ask the same question a different way. Such as what is best to use when cleaning my fleshing blade?

What I do is wipe everything down with the same solution that I mix up to neutralize. Then I wash it with soap and water followed up with a light oil coating. Hope this helps.

John Morley

Any Cleaners not to use

This response submitted by Kristi on 2/27/06 at 4:20 PM. ( )

I think you answered my question, but I was thinking along the "cleaners" category. I mainly don't want to use a harsh chemical cleaner that might dull my blade.

How about my spray bottle of Lysol concentrate & water followed by a light spray of WD40? I think the PH in the lysol is low enough to neutralize the acid residue on the blade.

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