hey guy's any suggestions here!

Submitted by jim starr on 2/26/06 at 10:03 AM. ( )

had a guy wanting to buy one of my snakes for mounting. he said he has a snake mounting video which shows the taxidermist skinning the snake and then placing the hide un fermaldihyde to preserve it. can fermaldihyde still be bought somewhere or do you think the fermaldihyde alternative sold in Van Dykes would work as well? the alternative is for injecting into bird feet, paws, noses and such. give me your thoughts or experiencehere. jim starr

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tell him to get a newer

This response submitted by paul bunyan on 2/26/06 at 3:42 PM. ( )

Video and use those products. Why anyone would try to poision themselves. I have used snaketan and borax. I like and still use the snaketan. Those older videos need to be taken off the market, in my opinion ,before someone really does a number on themselves.
Hope it helps

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