Plans for a 4ft diameter tumbler?

Submitted by Shawn on 2/26/06 at 5:33 PM. ( )

Hey folks, Shawn here.

I need to know if anyone out there has proven plans so I can make a 4ft diameter tumbler, a little bigger or smaller would be ok.

I took a course ( not a schools course, just a guy that offered it) on tanning a few years back ( what a joke, this guy ruined more hides than he turned out, the only thing I learned from him is how not to do things.)

Just a little guy triing to make a few "Bucks" on the side with out the big expence of buying the big machinery.

Any & all responces welcome.

Thanks to all.


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Bruce Rittel has proven plans

This response submitted by Mr.T on 2/26/06 at 6:35 PM. ( )

go to Rittels website, and the plans are listed in the supply area. For the price of two large pizza's, you get tumbler plans from a proven man who knows fur and skin handeling/processing equipment.

Thanks MR.T

This response submitted by Shawn on 2/26/06 at 7:35 PM. ( )

A Big THANKS goes out to you MR. T!!


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