hey george...what color should a cape be after jrts

Submitted by red on 2/26/06 at 6:56 PM. ( )

I used JRTS for the first time today as you do. It's still kinda pink. I put it on around 10:00 a.m. & just checked it & it looks pink. It was a pretty dirty cape. Should I have washed it before hand?

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George is in the hospital?

This response submitted by Doug on 2/26/06 at 7:04 PM. ( )

A pickled cape should be free of dirt on the skin side...eh? I doubt there was so much dirt on your cape that it would interfere with the tanning process. A cape brushed with JRTS should be tan colored(beige) when the process is complete.

did I perhaps not use enough JRTS

This response submitted by red on 2/26/06 at 9:08 PM. ( )

I thought I did. Will it sometimes take longer time to tan. How much should I use. Can I apply more @ this time?


This response submitted by Doug on 2/26/06 at 9:12 PM. ( )

I brush it on for full coverage and heavy...eh? Temperature will affect tanning time with cool slowing it somewhat. I always left my capes skin side up layed out flat and covered them with a large plastic garbage bag overnight. Yes you can apply more anytime.

red if you covered all areas it will be fine and

This response submitted by paul e on 2/27/06 at 7:07 AM. ( amfpaul@bellsouth.net )

you can wash it now as i believe this is when George said to wash them after they are tanned
thats what ive done with the few if done in the last month
i give them a quick wash in protex pre soak
p.s. i didnt pickle either
just stop rot,30 min. soak in wtds leatherizing acid.with strong brine,stop rot again rinse in kemal 4,tumbled jrts and thats it
they are coming out with fantastic stretch

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