boar hide that is stiff

Submitted by John w on 2/28/06 at 5:41 PM. ( )

I have a boar hide that i tanned but it is really stiff.I checked the search button and it gave me some help.but.I know i did not thin properly can it be repickeled and retanned to thin it better or just rehydrated.Thanks

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If its a boar-

This response submitted by oldshaver on 2/28/06 at 8:01 PM. ( )

re-pickle. It aint gonna hurt it. Boar are kinda tricky to shave. There is a fine line between too much, and not enough. Too thick=stiff, too thin=hair falling out. If you havnt done many, thin a small area, and check the hair side. If the hair comes out with a gentle pull, its too thin. Adjust depth from there. Dont expect to get them too soft. Alot depends on the individual boar.

try, try again

This response submitted by Mike on 2/28/06 at 9:25 PM. ( )

old shaver is right. Repickle and flesh some more. This is where a dakota fleshing machine or a mini flesher comes in handy. Watch for dark colored dots(pinhead size) on the hide , that's the hair. There will also be some larger lighter colored dots. That's the sweat/oil glands that cover the subdermal layer. Practice , practice. Good luck. That's why the price of hogs is so high. That plate is time consuming to deal with. Slow and caution till you get the hang of it.

skin too thick

This response submitted by rob coates on 2/28/06 at 9:58 PM. ( )

you can see hair roots through a thin layer of the shield and think you have the skin thin enough.If you used an oil type tan us should de-grease the skin before putting it back into a pickle.Shaver was right,you'll have to work pretty hard to make a boar slip

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