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Submitted by Scott S on 2/1/06 at 8:38 PM. ( )

I am looking into going to a commercial tanning school to adventually open a tannery one day. I saw North Idaho School of Taxidermy and Montana School of Taxidermy on the net. Does anyone know anything postive/negative about these schools? Can I learn eveything I need to know in a tannery school?

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This response submitted by Streever on 2/2/06 at 12:55 AM. ( )

I don't about the school in MT but I have a friend who went to the school in Idaho. He said they understood what was going on with tanning, and didn't just follow a receipe, and they shaved their skins really thin there and showed him how to do it that way. He was really happy with everything there and got a tanning manual from them that he's always looking at, won't let me play with it though. He learned alot about how the business end worked too he said. That's about all I know, not much really.


This response submitted by Brian on 2/5/06 at 8:30 PM. ( )

The one in montana is also a taxidermy school...I went up there for a advanced habitat class with tony ward...It was great and learned alot from tony...But as for the other instucters there I think they were the owners...I did not care for they weren't friendly and I was not impressed with their taxidermy work...But the one thing that really did it was a student that was attending their taxidermy class told me a situation that happened....They were in the fish class he was doing a small fish about 8inches or so so he need a peice of foam to carve...he looked in the trash can and found one that would work...So he picked it out of the trash and the instructor told him he would have to pay him for it? Thats about as cheap as you can get....What a joke you pay some were around 5000$ and he wants to charge you for somthing that was going to be thrown away....I'm also thinking of going to tanning school and from what I have heard the place to go is north idaho.....Thats where I'll be going when I go.....Hope this helps some...

Bad school

This response submitted by Tom on 2/8/06 at 10:28 PM. ( )

I when to the Montana school 5 year ago. I wasn't Happy the teacher was nice on the phone but became a [expletive deleted] as the weeks went on. For somebody that didn't know much about Taxidermy he looked down on me as if I was a dumby.I came to learn more about Taxidermy, but he talked more about hunting then Taxidermy. He rushed us through the class with little help. DON'T RECOMMEND

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