Can muriatic acid be used for a pickling agent?

Submitted by Jordy on 3/1/06 at 4:43 PM. ( )

I have completely misplaced my Rittel's saftee acid (have all the other chemcials in the kit)...can diluted muriatic acid be used for the pickle, if the pH is correct? Thanks for the advice!

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Yes you can

This response submitted by mike on 3/1/06 at 5:57 PM. ( )

I use 1/2 oz. per gal. Put a lid on your container to keep the acid from dissipating from solution. Check the ph and adjust accordingly.
Once you get used to handling it, it's not to bad. I keep the container in a 5gal. bucket with a lid. It does give off nasty fumes, just use caution when handling, like all acids. At about $3.00 gal. it's very economical. I use borax to nuetralize.


This response submitted by Jordy on 3/10/06 at 4:38 PM. ( )

Appreciate the response!

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