Hope this isnt a dumb question

Submitted by RSZ on 3/2/06 at 7:30 AM. ( )

I was going to put some lysol disinfectant in my rehydration. Is it okay if the lysol is scented, or will the fragance they put in it affect anything other than making it smell lemony fresh?

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This response submitted by ej on 3/2/06 at 8:29 AM. ( toomuchspam.ccc )

it's ok to do so. put i'd recommend no more than 8 oz. per 40 gal. keep ph below 6. i know if you use fabric softner with the lysol it will impart it's fresh smell. again make sure ph is below 6.
or your using to much and asking for some real trouble with loss of hair/fur.
this of course this is just my opinion. the old time lysol used to have phenol in it. it worked better but was banned in the early 2000 as a carcinogen.


This response submitted by Marc A on 3/2/06 at 9:11 AM. ( )

Don't waiste the money. It will do nothing positive for you. Good ole'salt and water is all you need. Like ej said they no longer use phenol which was what did the trick.

Thanks again

This response submitted by RSZ on 3/2/06 at 12:35 PM. ( )

Thanks again for the responses. One of these days I'll figure this stuff out.

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