fur tanning training videos -for sale?-

Submitted by doug ojer on 3/2/06 at 9:38 AM. ( tanningvideos@gmail.com )

my father was a master tanner and ran a very succesful business. before he passed away he made an instructional video with all of his process and secrets that took him so long to perfect. also he made a flow chart with his formulas and things of that nature. I was wondering if anyone thinks this is a product that tanners might want? Is it worth it took make into a dvd and what would be a reasonable price to sell them for?

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This response submitted by tomdes on 3/2/06 at 11:03 AM. ( mapletax@twcny.rr.com )

You might have something of great value there! Probably of lot of guys here would be interested in a copy. It might even cut down on a lot of the tanning questions...LMAO! Go for it, it isn't that much to cut dvd's from videos... good luck!


This response submitted by jason on 3/2/06 at 1:02 PM. ( )

I think a lot of people would be interested in that I know I would. Let us know when it is done.

that sounds great!

This response submitted by michael on 3/2/06 at 1:18 PM. ( hmmiforget@yahoo.com )

Are these videos to show how to "tan at home" or how to commercial tan for wholesale taxidermists? I am just interested to know what kind of training you are offering? I would be intersted to purchase one either way though, when they are ready. I would suggest opening up a simple website if you have not already. I think a conservitave price you could ask for these(without seeing them)would be around $250. I have paid more than that and still did not get what you are offering. do others out there agree or should they be more or less?

keep me in touch when they are ready please, good luck!

fur tanning training videos

This response submitted by douglas on 3/2/06 at 1:41 PM. ( tanningvideos@gmail.com )

michael- these tapes show both types of tanning you mentioned. my father had a wet tan- a dry tan- and his own version that he called a wet/dry combonation tan. it came out like a stretch and sew ,but for mounts instead of for rugs. his capes would be able to stretch more than most of the big tanneries. He had two tanneries one in the chicago area that was big and one in wisconsin that was smaller and that is where he did the taping. he shows from start to finish a beaver,coyote,whitetail,elk,carribeau,wild boar,black bear,brown bear,musk ox,and a buffalo. I know alot of the customers loved his work and were wanting us to continue where he left off.

I opened up an email today it's tanningvideos@gmail.com so if you email me I will let you know when they are ready. thanks

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